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Lotus Therme Gift Vouchers

Perfect treat for all occasions:

Treat someone special with a a gift voucher for an extraordinary, relaxing stay at a unique location.

Choose a package offer, a special gift or buy a monetary gift voucher (from EUR 50,- minimum value).

We are glad to help you to find the perfect treat.

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Already from 339 EUR
Gift voucher 2 nights

Special price:

instead of € 479,-

only € 339,- !

Already from 459 EUR
Gift voucher 3 nights

Special price:

instead of € 689,-

only € 459,- !

Already from 612 EUR
Gift voucher 4 nights

Special price:

instead of € 816,-

only € 612,- !

Already from 30 EUR
Spa Day voucher

Relaxation and balance

for your Mind, Body, and Soul...

Already from 25 EUR
Dining gift voucher

Enjoy culinary

pleasures at our

Restaurant Corvinus!

Already from 50 EUR
Value Gift Voucher

Lotus Therme monetary gift vouchers are the best choice for all occasions to express thanks and appreciation with the greatest gift.